MCA Papers : Syllabus of ‘B’ Level Course of DOEACC

The papers for ‘B’ level are indicated below(The first ten papers of the ‘B’ level and the project will be the same as for ‘A’ level with the codes being changed for ‘B’ level.):


Code    Subject

B1.1    IT Tools and Applications

B1.2    Business Systems

B1.3    Programming and Problem Solving through ‘C’ Language

B1.4    Computer Organisation

B1.5    Structured System Analysis & Design


B2.1    Data Structure through ‘C’ Language

B2.2    Introduction to Database Management Systems

B2.3    Basics of OS, Unix and Shell Programming

B2.4    Data Communication and Computer Networks

B2.5    Elective I (one of the following three subjects to be chosen)
B2.51 – Introduction to Object Oriented Programming and C++
B2.52 – Introduction to Object Oriented Programming through Java
B2.53 – Computer Graphics


B3.1    Management Fundamentals and Information Systems

B3.2    Basic Mathematics

B3.3    Software Engineering & CASE Tools

B3.4    Operating Systems

B3.5    Networking & Mobile Communications


B4.1    Computer Based Statistical & Numerical Techniques

B4.2    Discrete Structure

B4.3    Software Testing and Quality Management

B4.4    Computer Graphics & Multimedia Systems

B4.5    Internet Technologies and Tools


B5.1    Professional and Business Communications

B5.2    Object Oriented Database Management System

B5.3     Network Management & Information Security
Elective – II **
Elective – III **

* * List of the Subjects from which the above electives can be chosen are (select any two form the below):

BE1    Embedded Systems

BE2    AI and Applications

BE3    E-Business

BE4    Principle of Modelling & Simulation

BE5    Parallel Computing

BE6    Software Project Management

BE7    Applied Bio-Informatics

BE8    Digital Image Processing

BE9    Accounting & Financial Management

B10    Applied Operations Research

At ‘B’ level there are two projects. The first one will be as for ‘A’ level and to be completed as for ‘A’ level. The second project should approximately amount to an effort of 500 man-hours, 300 marks are assigned. The project should be chosen by the candidate and approved by the DOEACC Society.  DOEACC Society will constitute a Board of two experts to conduct a viva-voce.

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