Conference on HR 2010 at ZENON India

Introduction: “The man who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after.” Organization & Institutes are accelerating themselves for creating a Learning Organization. It is believed and perceived that the amount of the time, efforts and money invested in Training and Development of the individuals doesn’t generate optimum results and returns on the investment. But the fact is that the Training and Development is the most preferred activity for the Development, Change & Growth in the organization. It can generate optimum results and return only when it is systematically Implemented and Evaluated.

Thus for Effective Training and Development continuous learning is a must. The Organizations who have initiated OD activities along with Training and Development Programs during Recession have perform well. Thus for Effective Training and Development continuous learning is a must. Training and Development can help the organization in creating competitive advantage and building core competency. It focuses on the development of both the individuals and the organization. Keeping the Business Objectives/Goals as the priority training program shall help in skill, attitude, abilities, and knowledge (i.e. Competency) development and creates a competency pool/hub for the organization. A research says that there will be a need of 50,000 Training & OD Consultants by 2015.
This conference is a must for every HR Professionals who wants to upsurge their potential. Tremendous Opportunities lies in the field of Learning & Development. Coping up with the rapidly changing demand of the Organization in relation to the internal and external Environment and Dynamics requires Innovation for which Organization Development
Interventions are must for all growth seeking Organization. Training and Development, e-Learning & Organization Development are not just Investment in Development and Growth but it has also become a Branding Activity. Learn, Unlearn, Relearn and e-Learn are the mantras for success.

Call For Papers: Papers are invited from the HR Professionals, Faculty Members and Students for the Conference on HR at Vadodara on 10.10.10 (SundaY)


1. Training & Development Practices & Trends
2. Training Technologies & e-Learning
3. Issues & Challenges in Training Industry
4. Organization Development (OD) Interventions
Submit your papers along with abstract before 01.10.10 with subject line as Paper Submission. Paper should contain following details:
a) Key words near to 20
b) Abstract for near to 150 words
c) Paper Length for near to 2000-2500 words
Evaluation Criteria is based on the Originality of the Concept & Idea, Quality of the Content and Presentation Skills. Best papers will be presented in the conference and the winner will be awarded. Send soft copy of the papers only in word (.doc) format at

Application Deadline: 1st October, 2010

Email: conferenceonHR(AT)gmail.com / ZenonIndia(AT)gmail.com

Contact Number: +91-99741 00899

Source: http://www.conferenceonhr.com/conference.pdf

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